Time. They may need to help you stand up safely. When you are able to get up on your own, sit or lie down right away if you feel weak or dizzy. Then press the call light button to let caregivers know you need help. Preventing blood clots: around the time of your surgery or procedure you may need to take medicine to thin your blood. Blood thinning medicine helps prevent blood clots from forming in your veins. This medicine makes it easier for a person to bruise and bleed. You will need regular blood tests while taking this medicine. If you have a bleeding disorder or a history of bleeding or blood clots, tell your caregiver. Talk to your caregiver about all of the medicines that you use. Physical activity helps prevent blood clots. viagra canada online Caregivers will help you be as active as possible after your surgery or procedure. Pressure stockings: these are long, tight stockings that put pressure on your legs to promote blood flow and prevent clots. cheap viagra online You may need to wear pressure stockings before or after surgery or if you have poor circulation (blood flow). Prevent constipation: high-fiber foods, extra liquids, and regular exercise can help you prevent constipation. can take 2 50mg viagra pills Examples of high-fiber foods are fruit and bran. Prune juice and water are good liquids to drink. generic 36 hour viagra Regular exercise helps your digestive system work. viagra without a prescription canada You may also be told to take over-the-counter fiber and stool softener medicines. Take these items as directed. Deep breathing and coughing: this will help decrease your risk for a lung infection after surgery. Hold a pillow tightly against your incision when you cough to help decrease pain. movie zoloft viagra Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can. Deep breaths help open your airways. viagra coupon Let the air out and follow with a strong cough. Spit out any mucus you cough up. viagra no prescription Repeat the steps 10 times every hour. You may be given an incentive spirometer to help you take deep breaths. viagra for sale Put the plastic piece into your mouth and take a slow, deep breath. Let out your breath and cough. generic 36 hour viagra Repeat the steps 10 times every hour. Food and drink after surgery: you will able to drink liquids and eat certain foods once your stomach function returns after surgery. You may be given ice chips at first. Then you will get liquids such as water, broth, juice, and clear soft drinks. If your stomach does not become upset, you may then be given soft foods, such as ice cream and applesauce. Once you can eat soft food easily, you may slowly begin to eat solid foods. Intake and output: caregivers will keep track of the amount of liquid you are getting. They al.


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